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DIY Tea Sample Set

We recognize that with the number of different teas that we offer, it can be tough to choose which kind of tea to purchase. You want to be sure that when you purchase 100grams of tea, it is for a tea that you will enjoy.

With that in mind, TeaFrog has the perfect product for you, the Do It Yourself Tea Sample Set! You can choose as few as 5 different teas, or as many as 40 different teas to sample! Each sample is 10grams, enough for 4 to 8 cups of tea. Each sample is only $2.00 each, no matter how many you choose!

Get started by making your selections for the first 5 samples below. You can find more information about each tea in any of their appropriate categories listed above.

Please select only one sample per type of tea. Duplicate selections will be substituted for a sample of our choice. Each order will be charged $7.00 for shipping to anywhere in North America.

For questions, email or call 519-599-6034.

Select your first 5 samples of tea:
Sample 1:
Sample 2:
Sample 3:
Sample 4:
Sample 5:

Additional Samples:
Sample 6:
Sample 7:
Sample 8:
Sample 9:
Sample 10:
Sample 11:
Sample 12:
Sample 13:
Sample 14:
Sample 15:
Sample 16:
Sample 17:
Sample 18:
Sample 19:
Sample 20:
Sample 21:
Sample 22:
Sample 23:
Sample 24:
Sample 25:
Sample 26:
Sample 27:
Sample 28:
Sample 29:
Sample 30:
Sample 31:
Sample 32:
Sample 33:
Sample 34:
Sample 35:
Sample 36:
Sample 37:
Sample 38:
Sample 39:
Sample 40:
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